68 and Boston, Soho! Wine With No Whine (and Cocktails…)


The second cheapest wine on the menu is my happy ground.

If ever beyond or below that I would get the same look as ‘Annie’ got…


So when Su-Lin invited me to the new bar 68 and Boston,  I was over the moon-

Get this: every bottle of wine on the menu is £20...every single one. Good ones and Great ones. Meaning no snobs and no commons.

After getting lost in the back alleys of Soho, Farrah and I finally found each other and the bar.

It was classy-sexy definetly a place for dates, it reminded me slightly of the WC Bar vibe.

To my pleasant surprise The bar was hosted by The Wine Sleuth, Denise Medrano. Now if you are a reader of her blog  then you know she has the wine knowledge down! 

So let’s kick off- I obviously wanted to try their rose being my favoutite colour-

Denise offered this ‘sauvignon blanc/Rose‘….  Monte vista went down an absolute treat


In fact it went down a lot quicker then Farrah, who was too excited about how good the wine looked on her new camera


I left her to her photoshoot as I went to Denise for round 2: Red


“what red wine do you normally drink?”

“whatever is poured in my glass”

All sophistication out of the window now.


Red is an interesting one- If done good it’s fantastic- if done bad it’s awful.

Denise can be trusted however, and of course all was fantastic.


 I always feel grown up with a glass of red.

And so does Farrah..I got her one too


Now 68 and Boston is all  wine downstairs but what makes this place even more exciting is the fact there is a luxury cocktail lounge upstairs.


*1-00589.jpgIt has all these little sections making it great for affairs and God Father deals.  Obviously Farrah and I weren’t up to any of these..


we just wanted to indulge in some cocktails and indulge we did…




We got to the bottom of these just in time  to meet  Ian Burrell, the world’s ambassador of Rum!

His life is a hard one- consisting of flying around the world and talking/drinking Rum.

I was rightfully jealous but couldn’t fight the irony of having a pina colda whilst chatting to him..besides he said it’s very good here.

He wasn’t lying…


This mixologists were both super talented as you saw my earlier drinks and this Pina was one of the best IQ have had (and this was done without a blender- you don’t need one according to Ian )


Anyway that was us done- we were feeling smarter in the world of Wine and Rum which is not a bad place to be!

I recommend 68 and Boston to anyone, who like me, needs to expand their wine palette (and the daters among us..trust me gentlemen)

Thanks to Farrah for some of these photos AND to Su-Lin for a wonderful evening!


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