2016-The Year I Get A Tan, Put Lids On Jars And Perhaps Become An Olympic Champion…

Before I begin I want to quickly sum up Part II of Christmas-Mum: 

  • Feminists in heaven were dancing with joy as after twenty years Mum has finally got her head out of the oven and had Christmas lunch made for her.
  • Chris and I successfully passed our gifts goal.IMG_2380
  • Big Bro Joe got a toy car, as he made ramps and drove it round the table, it made me realise nothing has developed from when we were five.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 17.59.47
  • Our traditions were not going to be tampered with as we clutched onto the last bottle the hotel had, to see us throughout the day.



Anyway 2015

This time last year I was the “New Years resolution fairy” which involved asking people in the pub to write down their resolution whilst I stood there in white feathered wings.


Reading back, most of them are either about approving their bodies or spending more time with the family- one person wanted to be ‘more nice’

Well it’s safe to say; 2015 was never going to be the year of the body as I entreated it with an internship in restaurant marketing.

By the end of February the free weekly burgers had made their mark.

Then getting into a relationship which involved slurping wine and saying:

“O  no you’re perfect”

“Nooo you’re perfect”

Now entering 2016 far from perfect…

2015 was the year of the career-

As I stood alone in Spring, filming yet another billboard in Brighton- a male stag do-er announced to the street that I wanted to perform a daring sexual act on one the them.

It was time to change the path.It would  be nice to afford some jeans let alone a mortgage one day after all.

So finally that box was ticked in August and now I feel like a grown up.

Now moving forward to 2016 resolutions:

  • Find a place In London that doesn’t have damp/a dodgy landlord/ South but not too South/ a view to die for/ a bath and cheap.
  • Become the ultimate domestic goddess by learning to put lids on things like toothpaste and pesto jars and to close cupboard doors-people are picking up on it and it’s annoying them.


  • Go somewhere hot- It’s been three years since seeing proper sun, which means I am giving the dough man a run for his money.


  • Become an Olympic ice skater/roller skater or at least start doing some sort of exercise.


Last New Year ended in me drunkly running home, wailing with  wings on my back- hopefully I will enter 2016 with a bit more grace…

Have a fantastic New Year Everyone x

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