Bloody Mary Review- Brew Dog Clapham Junction

Ahh new chapter of life has begun, now in a little room, looking over the city. Life is coming together like a  1000000004 piece jigsaw.

Saturday started like a grown-up, doing grown up things, like showing off the new company car , Tv licence , council tax and banking.

I had to convince the bank to replace my lost card. The banker was nice however was annoyed, as my name, address and signature were all different from their record.However I managed to creep a contactless card out of her…!

Excited and proud of ones achievement I decided to buy my first contactless Bloody Mary- at this place Brew Dog in Clapham Junction.

Being “Clapham junction-y” the man said “you know we put beer in your Bloody Mary..?”


“And whisky and vodka..”

So a light afternoon drink has now turned into a teenage party in a cup. 


Taste 4/5 considering I am not a whiskey/beer drinker I thought it had a good balance of hints!  It shakes you and brings out your “let’s wear shoes we can’t walk in and go clubbing” self

Sweat test : 3/5 see it could have done with a bit more spice to shake that hangover.

Cup: 3/5 good size but it may be more fun in a beer glass to add to the novelty.

Garnish: 2/5  I’m not sure what but we need something more then a lemon. It’s an exciting mix and deserves it.

Presentation : 2/5 neat, full, spice on fresh lemon just not exciting enough

Bonus point 1 love the idea and name-smoky mary!

Overall: 15/25 it’s what’s in the inside that counts- great taste, cool idea and will have again!  Just tweak the way it looks.

Happy Sunday everyone! X

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