Apres Ski Without the Ski

Last time I saw a ski slope, I looked like this…


Year 7, Ski Easter Trip. I banged my nose on a shelf and received the lowest snowflake badge for my ski skills in front of my whole year…It was a great week.

As I scroll through my Facebook  now , all I see are  friends puffed up in ski wear ,posing, flipping, gliding on the slopes I feel angry at myself. I have done everything on the ‘toff list’: horse racing, regattas, boat parties..but not skiing.  It means  I can’t join in on their post holiday conversation of “o yes I do love the black slope in ‘LA BLANC VILLE ET  MOI

However this all changed last Sunday as now I can at least say…’O yes I do love Apres Ski’.

Introducing The Lodge….

You walk into what looks like a wood cabin with people indulging on cheese fondue. If London’s grey fog and traffic wasn’t out of the window- I would have been fooled.


What made this extra cool is The Lodge do a Bottomless Sunday- Dangerous but shameless I said yes to the £15 for 2 hours unlimited prosecco and perhaps 2-4-1 Bloody Mary as well.

The Clapham ladies next to me were just  finishing off their two hour bottomless session by flipping a ski of shots into their mouths simultaneously. #SoApresSki

Before I kick this off though must take advantage of the bloody mary deal. 


Sweat test: 2  Didn’t sweat me out that much as the taste of the meat was the main feature.

Taste: 3.5 I love when places have a signature BM, and The Lodge did this. However  I probably wouldn’t order more as it’s very heavy tasting which if hanging could go the other way.

garnish: 2 good celery, maybe some meat garnish to suit the taste could have been fun?

presentation: 2 well presented nothing special.

glass: 2 standard glass, could have more fun with this. 

bonus: 1 great staff with great surroundings

overall: 12.5/25 Love a unique twist and the lodge has made it’s mark, however It was a bit too meaty and not enough spice. They could have more themed bloody as well.

Food wise




dead pig plate aka charcuterie- fabulous quality taste with a side of balsamic oil and bread.

Roast – one of the best ever (minus the slates as gravy on a flat slate isn’t the most practical thing ever)




Ok…that will normally be it but then they brought out the ice cream factory to this little kid near us. Child hood memories spent by the pizza hut ice cream machine bursted out…it may have been a ‘bottomless decision’ but hell…


We realised our nine year old ‘putting all the toppings on because we can’ still hadn’t gone away.  Happy Apres-Ski without the Ski!


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