What Actually Happens At A Bloggers Event

Top things that happen at a ‘food bloggers event’:

  1. Pre event Twitter takes priority over workScreen Shot 2016-04-12 at 21.49.15
  2. Getting to the event, you see a dozen of people wearing nice bags and hats staring into their City Mappers as they wander around the location.
  3. You will recognise people at the event but don’t know their actual name, only by their twitter handle and photo.
  4. Due to point 3, conversation starts up by ” O you’re Fizzy Fuzzy Cupcake Fairy..!”
  5. Your foodie/drinkie world expands as you are introduced to some of the best, new food and drink products around.

This is all happened and more when Tabl hosted an event at Clerkenwell.

It was Wednesday night, Farrah and I were spiralling around to our City Mapper dial to find Clerkenwell entrance. It was obvious when we found it…a room buzzing of nice hats and bags with a table of gin to greet.



It was Brighton Gin, a gin that has long to be on my bucket list- first gin to come from Brighton ever. True to the home town, a piece of rock was placed inside.  Colour like the beach, taste as refreshing as a man in a suit on the Brighton pier. Loved it so much, I had two. #NoShame

Now to explain the venue, it’s a gift, clothes shop as well as a restaurant/bar. This made a slight ‘bloggers’ maze, the idea you moved from room to room not knowing what will come next…with a few deliveries of course.


Next….a soft drink, (probably needed after the two gins) It’s healthy with some heat..a perfect combination for a Hendricks dare I say…thank you Nix & KIX


Once sober again, a quick stop for a dangerous cocktail


Then….we were led downstairs to find the ultimate food showcase. Pop Ups coming out of our ears…Farrah and I started on our mission to try everything..there was ALOT to talk about with but here is a few that stood out:

  1. Exploding poppadoms by Indian street food extraordinaries RaastawalaSONY DSC
  2. Tea Studio introducing; tea flavoured marshmallows- a instant WTF by theory but amazing by taste ( they also do jelly and popcorn!)SONY DSCSONY DSC
  3. Pit stop Cava.SONY DSCSONY DSC
  4.  Coco Hernando Chocolate range that base itself by flavours of different countries around the world. I.e  Himalayas is milk chocolate with pink diamond salt. Perfect gift springs to mind! SONY DSC
  5. Fabulous 698 b…savoury an amazing range of quail egg canapés and more. Sweet- DIY dessert (including a blow-torch) These guys do a supper club every Sunday..a great dinner party idea?SONY DSC




Yes we indulged to say the least.


The most important  thing that happens at food bloggers event?

A group of people gather on a Wednesday meeting as they all share a love of food. Half the people in the room have created something quite special, the other want to talk about it.

It works hand in hand really.


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