Skinny Prosecco- Does What It Says On The Bottle

You know those times you are on a soda lime and vodka phase?
“I want to drink but I need to count my calories”
You look at your friend who is standing there elegant with their cosmopolitan, and you have this bright green radioactive looking water with pathetic ice cubes floating on top.
‘Summer body, summer body…’ You keep thinking to yourself as you struggle to take another sip.
But stop. There is a way on looking good and drinking:
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.24.31
Younger sister of Skinny Champagne- Amanda, the heroine, has come out with a new range of Prosecco.
This Prosecco is made in Soligo in the provence of Treviso, Italy.  More importantly it has 50% less sugar then your average Italian fizz.
For those who don’t know , prosecco is one of the low calorie drinks anyway, so Skinny  is diamond for the health watchers out there.
Anyway off I went to RIBA  for the launch. I was greeted with my first glass whilst I entered a very lively room.
Placed myself by a nice barman from Selfridges rooftop and had my first taste….
It was light, summery with a dry finish, and with only 67 calories a glass  there was no guilt. Perfect!
I met Lauren and Angie who were also enjoying the fizz and whilst we happily chatted away we found ourselves never turning down a top up. This resulted in conversations like “let’s go to Vegas!!” and some delicious munchies…
Amanda swayed over to us as she worked the room, I have had so much admiration for this lady since meeting her two years ago at Taste.
She just makes things happen whilst smiling all the way, a true entrepreneur.
 Amanda asked what we thought, but by our 10th glass she probably could have guessed our answer.
Thank you Thomson & Scott for bringing Skinny Prosecco into our lives! (No more green water!)

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