Summer Cup-It’s Back! The Lost Angel, Battersea Sunday Session 

In the summer of 2014 I spent my time reviewing Pimms, and what a good year it was. I parted the rip offs to the finest, taste the freshest fruit and was dazzled by garnishes of mint.

In 2015 that passion took a back seat , however on Sunday something happened which awoke my desire of the summer cup review.

All plans of a day to save money and do a spring cleaning on a Sunday were burnt away by the sun.

Before I knew it I was walking into a undiscovered oasis in Battersea, The GasLight Grill it was 12pm,and sure enough the first two people there. My awkwardness was hijacked by awe.  There in front of me was an (untouched) ” Bottomless Bloody Mary DIY bar”

A range of infused vodkas from basil to bacon flavoured, millions of spices and hot fresh bacon to complete the garnish pick and mix.

Of course we created the best Bloody Mary’s ever using basil vodka and  sticking in hot bacon leading to conversations like:

“Are you going to eat your bacon?”

“Darling, shut up of course I am”

… And boy did they taste beautiful, especially after a night of exploring the East End of London’s happy hours.

Of course Sunday is nothing without a roast:

That afternoon was comfortably warm for a  pub garden. As in,  I wasn’t attached to a heater complaining about the cold.

Bloodys, as lovely as they are, are not best for summer days. In fact if a Bloody Mary does its job, should only be needed to be ordered once. So although there was  all you can drink bar, I wanted something light, refreshing…. Dare I say- “is it Pimm’s o clock?”

“Do you do Pimm’s?”

“No we do our own mix…”
Said the cute waitress in the hat. Well I’ve got to try this then

It came in this lovely carafe and instantly  all my summer memories came flooding back.  A gin based mixture with Martini Rosso and a variety of fresh fruit -So ratings:

Fruit/garnishes: 4/5 all fresh, loads of it! Lush strawberries!

Presentation: 5/5 great carafe, love how much fruit and mint they put in

Tight or tasty:4/5  (problem with summer cups is when people are tight with their servings) however this one was just right- maybe a little more stronger but as it was a Sunday it suited me.

Overall: 13/15 brilliant Summer cup, elegant and refreshing! As it was home made it tasted less processed then Pimm’s.

We happily sipped on our summer cup whilst an acoustic singer sang in the corner. A very much recommended Sunday session.

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