Pigging Out At The Pointer

Cursing amatuer tube riders on the Baker Loo line is how my adventure started. It  was a Saturday and thank the lord there was an excuse to get out of the sweaty,  London mug. I was on my way to  The Pointer – a family run  farm, country pub and butcher in Buckinghamshire.

We arrived at this beautiful country house and were greeted by one of the greatest power couples I have ever met, Fiona and Dave.

And one of the greatest bacon baps too.

Now Dave and Fiona along with their team, have created something pretty cool: a farm with happy healthy animals  and specially grown vegetables and fruit. All their produce gets made into delicious dishes in their country pub by chef Mini. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

We were given a tour of their land. Little  radishes, sweet strawberries and fresh asparagus was just the start to their wonderland.

We got to see these guys

And these two

Not forgetting this little fella

And his dad…

We had a ride on a trailer which by far beats an uber ride


Most astonishing fact I learnt was  that 3/4s of sausage meat is made in factories. There’s  now a campaign to prevent this called Farm Not Factories  We all joined in on a group campaign #TurnYourNoseUp. photo…

Unfortunately I was sat at the end so was cut out.

After all of this country exploring, we had worked up an appetite. So we left the pigs behind to …err… eat some pig.

Sorry vegetarians.

As soon as I got inside the pub, I felt at home.

Yes, this maybe because of my upbringing of constant Sunday roasts and Gavi sessions in Oxfordshire. Never the less I felt relaxed especially with a glass or (2,3…4) of complimentary champagne.

And perhaps a Bloody Mary…

This bloody has a special twist of homemade, pepper infused vodka.

Taste 4/5 pepper vodka owned this Bloody. I love home made vodka and this infusion really worked.

Sweat test 3/5  It may take more then one to shift a hangover for me. I’m hardcore and like a lot of spice.

Presentation 3/5 good for your village pub. Soohisticated, nothing too OTT

Glass 3/5 it’s a good size and but there is room for a  little quirk.

Garnish 2.5/5 there was just celery in this one. I think something like a pepper rim to go with the taste would work really well.
Bonus 2.  I love their Bloody Mary display! It’s also pretty awesome they have created their own  pepper vodka. Service was also on top.

17.5/25 a Sunday with one of these with their special suckling pig dish – you can’t go wrong.

Now the food…

I went to town…fresh pork (with crackling of course) beef.salad, vegetables..all straight from the farm. You could instantly tell how fresh it was.

What more British way to finish then fresh strawberries  to finish .

As much I love Langans, Jam Tree etc they can never beat a good old country pub, especially one with so much TLC and passion  behind it , which The Pointer clearly does.

Before I left I ran to The Pointer’s butchers.

Farrah had already bought a lamb rack, so I got a bigger one.  Once she realised my bag was heavier, she went back to get more.But I still won…

Thank you The Pointer for showing what real food is.

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