Euros…That Sinking Feeling.


The odds were stacked against me this weekend when I left the office on Friday evening . A couple of guys were swinging their laptops over their heads like football scarves, blasting “Three Lions”.

Now Saturday night, Titanic is on C4,  yet the only ‘Rose’ Is Danny Rose.

Titanic-L copy

My plan has failed….

After an intense interviewing process

Background checks…

“He’s not English, he won’t care.”

yet I am still here.


Boyfriend in the corner sipping on gin shouting at the referee, who is in France.

Euros  1 – 0 Mary  

Anyone who knows me, knows the mini protest I make about football.. older blog here –  ( Why Is There A Giant Head On The Telly? Mary Lou’s Perception On Football.)

So you can understand how the Euros has f@!%d me off.

As I came to accept my Saturday night, I settle in to watch the news before the match of England vs Russia.  Headlines of men beating each other up in the street- crashing chairs on heads until the tear gas came out.

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 21.35.49

It made me think,  what happens if Netball overtook Football… and the biggest sport in the world had Women as the majority fans.



Half the year, Saturday and Sunday routines are dictated by when teams are playing. Don’t bother going to half the pubs as they are packed filled with women jeering on their team.

When live games are not on there is always virtual…

“Fantasy Netball” fills up social talk – “well I picked Kelly this month”

giphy (2).gif

When at home, sofas are filled with woman playing ‘FINA’

(Tried to get an image for this but all google images of  ‘girls playing xbox’ were in thongs)

Then it gets to the Euros Netball and on the news are riots filled with ladies crashing chairs on each other as the tear gas rolls in…

I just explained this theory to my boyfriend

“That will never happen… “ he says then continues to  shout at the referee.

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