Jo Malone And Gin- A Perfect Cocktail 

I don’t know what was more exciting about this event the Jo Malone or the Hawksmoor cocktails… Probably the cocktails but hey.

I’m still a fan of Malone- it’s a fast ticket to buying class.  I still have a candle unlit by my bed, a gift from last Christmas. It should only be lit on special occasions, like if the queen popped round.

Jess and I had tickets to an evening of Hawksmoor-Jo Malone and Hepple Gin!

So there we were sat in Hawksmoor bar waiting for a perfume stand, only to be instructed the event was actually in the Jo Malone store with a Hawksmoor stand….

Cut to a fast pace stride down Regent Street

“We can’t miss out on the gin!!”

Arriving in a fluster, we instantly calmed down when greeted by a glass of champagne- as entering a  cloud of Malone

Trying to fit in, we started off by spraying and sniffing what we could see. (Which was a lot)

I only have one smelly Malone item that I own, a nice body cream  (came with the gift candle) again I put it on hold for special occasions

Until the day Boyf came out of the bathroom  ” man, what is that stuff? I smell disgusting”
He had plastered it all over his face…

That was the end of that.

It didn’t take long to finish the champagne and wander over to the Hawksmoor stand. There was a choice of   G&T or martini, both with the guest gin Hepple.

A gin that prides itself on producing the most flavourable gin by combinding ripe juniper berries with young green juniper berries.  Sure enough the   G&T  oozed with fresh, earthy flavours..intrigued by the little plant garnish.. Never seen that before!

To learn more, we had a little gin tasting session where they took us on a journey of the three stages of making Hepple . Each stage with a shot of gin.

Fair to say we were feeling a little lighter after… perfect time for a hand massage

And one more gin…. Now with soft smelly hands and a tummy full of gin it was time to go home.

The cherry on the top we were given  a goodie bag !

which has contributed to my (almost) untouchable collection.

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