We Don’t Need The Breakfast Club- #StopQueing 

“I’m not queing… I refuse. I’m losing my dignity just looking at them all”

Sunday morning and our ambitious plan of a Bloody Mary in the Breakfast Club was rapidly being destroyed by my stubbornness.

“Who the hell queues for eggs!?”

Sheep, that’s who.

So our issue remained unsolved – Chris,  Jess and I had mastered a gin session the night before and were in bloody need of a bloody and brunch.

We scattered into the nearest pub Southwark Tavern in search for a bloody

” We need three bloody Mary’s please”

“It’s going to take a while..” The bartender said.

He wasn’t lying 20 mins later we had three tomato juices and vodkas.

With all due respect the effort of the pepper rim was not expected.

Taste: 3/5 surprisingly good, great mix however slightly watery and warm.

Sweat test : 3/5 just enough to notice could do with some more.

Cup: 3/5 good size but not very fun.

Garnish:3/5 appreciate the effort of the pepper rim, especially in a pub. We asked for celery and he made it happen.

Presentation : 3/5 good effort , a little scruffy.

15/25 did the job, very good effort. Maybe not my go to place.

Now the bloody has been ticked off, time to find the brunch. Jess’s  guy friend  joined us, he suggested Joe’s Kitchen. I had never heard of it nor did I know this guy, his taste may be off but I took the risk.Thank god I did. First thing I saw was a sign promoting  pimms. I knew I was in safe hands. Great first impression.
Pimms of course was the chosen beverage for this brunch.

 Fruit/garnishes: 5/5 plenty of fresh fruit and mint leaves

Presentation: 5/5 yes pimms in a jam jar!

Tight or tasty:4/5 fair amount, but could be stronger!

Overall:  14/15  very trendy, neat and fun. Go Joe’s!

The food was also top notch.I opted for the omlette which was very delicious.. Chris had a fry up which also looked impressive .

What could have been a morning of queueing with tourists for pancakes, turned out to be a pleasant ‘Made In Chelsea style” Sunday  brunching, getting to know Jess’ fella over our jars of pimms.

Ending note: Don’t follow the crowd – go to Joe’s.

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