Gins & A Burger, Ben’s Canteen.

“I fancy a burger”

This is not a surprise,  he always fancies a burger, Never the less it gave us the foundation for a Saturday night plan. Once upon a time Chris had a burger at The Duchy Arms (our old work place and home) he hasn’t been able to find a better burger since…and yes he has tried a lot since then. I have even tried Honest- but still that didn’t win in this ‘burger league board’

A simple  google search of “burger near me” we found our next contender a place called Ben’s Canteen.

The venue was my taste,  a bright love heart mirror, blackboards, fairy lights, exposed brick…you know the type. It makes a great date and casual meet up.
They had a smashing gin menu served in my favourite fish bowl glasses, I picked JJ Whitley elderflower gin.

Chris had his beer we looked at each other, smiled..

“Isn’t this lovel…”


I turned in horror to find an angry manager screaming at the waitresses. He smacks the bar in frustration making me jump…It was like a scene out of Gordon Ramsey’s Hells Kitchen.

As all British people do, I pretended I couldn’t hear or when someone confronts someone on the tube…it’s the worst thing ever. Ever.

The starters were delivered…phew a distraction.

‘Ben’s Epic Scotch egg’ and crispy prawns. 

Loved the scotch egg, slightly spicy, delicious. Prawns were good as well, nice thick prawns, very tasty.

Gordon Ramsey was still stomping about,  slamming the service bell impatiently… At least the gins are good (this one is a Langley gin)

Now the ultimate time had arrived…double burger with smashed avocado.

Chris’ Verdict- “It’s very good…enjoyed it, however needed a unique twist to make it stand out from the other burgers. Could have done with more cheese as well” 

I opted for a kale chicken caesar salad with a side of aubergine, great portion and delicious.

Gordon Ramsey came up to us after our main and said “hey guys I know it’s been busy today and you waited a while for your food so can I get you a complimentary drink?”

We didn’t wait long at all but..I won’t turn down a free drink.

An Eden Mill G & T arrived, garnished with strawberries and marshmallows, it was sweet but refreshing… fabulous for a hen night or any girls night out.

So Gordon Ramsey was half forgiven at this point . The food is brilliant, a great gin spot so I will be returning.

However the Duchy Burger is yet to be beaten..

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