Selfies At Saatchi & Bloody Marys

When did art galleries become a personal photo shoot for the general public?

It’s Saturday afternoon and we had some time to have a browse in the Saatchi gallery.


It’s been awhile since I have been to a gallery so was pleased I could spend the time to see what was in store. However there was something strange going on…

A woman, perfectly dressed in high heeled boots and a Burberry cape was stood  “admiring” She was perfectly structured, looked like a model…but then I saw a few feet behind her was the poor boyfriend trying to get the best shot of his girlfriend gazing. After a billion shots, she went to check to see if she approved of her glazing pose.

In the next room, there was a giant taxidermic  of a horse with a woman hanging off it’s neck. The woman of course wasn’t part of the sculpture… but her family felt it was the perfect prop to pout with … give her 5 mins and she’d be blooming riding the thing.

I walked on,  and there was a piece made out of a  mirror, but of course there was two girls stood in front of it doing a mirror selfie with it…

What is this new culture we have? I am all up for taking a selfie here and there but surely you go to a gallery to look at art…not yourself?


The best thing I saw was 20:50, Richard Wilson. The whole room is flooded with recycled engine oil. It makes your head hurt trying to work it out,  It’s worth a visit (even if you have to dodge the personal photoshoots)

…I’ll stop moaning now

It was time for a bloody mary and some food, we went to a lovely restaurant round the corner named Manicomio


 and these are their bloody mary’s


Taste: 4.5/5 – lovely thick bloody mary taste, very, very delicious

Sweat test : 3/5 I can take a little more spice

Cup: 4/5 so classy..SO King’s Road..! crystal, large glass, perfect size.

Garnish: 3/5 Yes they ticked the box of garnishes, a celery and lemon. The celery could have been fresher but nothing was offensive.

Presentation : 4/5 again very classy, ticked all the boxes, loved the pepper sprinkled on top.

Bonus Point: 1 It was so good we had two!

Overall: 19.5/ 25 Loved this bloody mary, very very well done. Slightly fresher garnish and spice and it would be a knock out.

To follow on from a brilliant bloody mary was a delicious lunch.

Fresh rosemary bread to start


followed by mains; grilled swordfish


and Black Atlantic Tiger PrawnsSONY DSC

All whilst watching the beautifully crafted families on the King’s Road.



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