When I Lost All Faith In The World…This Happened

No I’m not going to make you feel better about politics in this blog. I am of course talking about more important issues and that is the Bloody Mary.

In the past few weeks I have had been left dissapointed in Bloodys. I even walked away from one. We had driven  all the way to Richmond, I had vision of a walk through the park singing my Sunday joy whilst the deers and birds follow me, as if I was Snow White herself.

Until I find the cosy pub, which would serve the best bloody ever.

But no…I was met with an unlit fire and some sort of watery tomato juice. I walked away.

I did however have a nice walk in the park.

Sadly, no wildlife followed me.

My second Bloody Mary was at The Prince Albert…it was ok.

But  I was really rooting for a good bloody and it was not up to scratch.

I lost faith..I was even questioning: Did I even like Bloody Marys anymore?
Then, there in the distance was …..

The Ship.

A melting pot of each SW Prep from both sides of the river . Yes , here  is where the blondes and Ralph Lauren’s migrate from the commons to get a river view.

I had a Bloody Mary here once in the summer, it was garnished amazingly but in a throw away cup. A great Instagram post but meh.

However  on this cold Sunday there was nothing ‘meh’ about this Bloody.

Taste 5/5 it taste like Pizza- seriously it was like rich, fresh tomato popping in your mouth.It was delicious

Sweat Test 5/5 hot enough to sort my hangover so only needed one.

Glass 5/5 a good Jar what I love!

Presentation 4/5 neat, full and fresh.

Garnish 4/5 fresh celery, cucumber, gherkin  and pickled onion! Amazing. Could throw in some more like summer but was happy enough

Bonus 1–  thank you for restoring my faith in this difficult time.

Overall 24/25 woo! Well done the Ship ! You are king-ing the Bloodys!!!
You can go back to real issues  now….

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