Trying To Fit In With The Flat White Crowd- Mary’s soberness continues.

Dry January has officially ended for the country. However I still have two weeks left of soberness (see previous blog) and I can only describe it like playing a game with a group of people, thinking they are all having fun and then rapidly seeing them leave one by one




Nobody replies and you are left bouncing a ball at a wall…alone.

Everyone else has moved on, they are back having fun, sipping fresh cucumber Hendricks or delicate roses meaning the last two weeks of being sober is going to be a real drag.

The only way to get around it is to avoid everyone you know. I now go out at different times, instead of a drunken lunch or a night out, I find my; “going out on the weekend” is to a hipster coffee bar, my drink of choice is the skinny Cappuccino


The weekend morning coffee shop world is one that I haven’t discovered before…I have found another group of Londoners. I am no longer spending my weekend surrounded by my tribe of blondes wearing beige coats with bubbles


Now it’s post yoga, tiny people wearing XXL jumpers- who also know their coffee. In fact they probably see my skinny Cappuccino order extremely dated, like if I saw someone order a cosmopolitan.

Apparently, It’s  all about the almond milk flat whites or a… Cortado…whatever that is. However that all seems a bit hardcore for me.

What’s the difference between a Flat White and a Cappuccino anyway?

I went to a place named Sendero, it had every ingredient for a South London, hipster coffee shop. Home made brownies, weird health alternatives, lights in jars and filled with the cool coffee crowd.



“Barry for a skinny Cappuccino!” Man with pony tail yelled.

“Do you mean Mary.. ?” I popped my head over a clang of woman in multicoloured yoga pants , tutting at my order.


It was a  lovely skinny cappuccino, so I decided to forgive the Barry mistake as I sat at some drift wood sipping out of my wooden/plastic mug thing.

This morning  we went to Story Coffee in Clapham. This time I went one step further and ordered a green smoothie with my skinny Cappuccino ….and then Instagramed  it whilst wearing a jumper that was two sizes too big.



SURELY  I fit in now?




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