Did Australia ‘Beat That Burger?’


In brief: This whole burger thing started when Chris had the ‘best burger ever’ at The Duchy Arms in Kennington and has since failed to beat it. Unfortunately the chef is no longer there so Chris can never have the best burger ever again.

So on our Australian tour we were on a mission to ‘beat that burger’

We wanted to start with what we were told ‘was the best burger in Sydney’….

Bar Luca, Sydney

I tried to be healthy and order the chicken but turns out chicken wasn’t the healthy option…washed down with a prosecco made it even less so.  It was ok..but not an Honest Burger in my opinion. But this blog is not about me…


Chris went for the normal beef



He says “mmm…I did like it but it was very simple. I could bosh out hundred of those. Burger for a burgers sake. Does what it says on the tin.”

Rating   3/5

Cafe Le Monde, Noosa

As featured in my last blog – we had a little pit stop in Noosa….



He says” I would cook the bacon more but one of my favourites” 

Rating 4.3/5

Grill’d, North Lakes


This place is awesome if you like a burger but are  also vain. Introducing ‘Grill’d’ a great Aussie chain. You can choose between a gluten free/flourless bread -which I went for (less carbs than sushi apparently..!)


Also you can have zucchini chips (one of my favourite things in the world) and your bog standard sweet or normal potatoes. We went for all three.


The other option is a pita bread bun with lots of leaves which Chris opted for.


He says: “I like the fact it was healthy, it was very tasty but too small” 

Rating: 3/5

Beach Cafe Surfers Paradise 



We had a little road trip to Surfers Paradise, a dream beach setting with every cool surfer chick and dude casually mincing about like we were in some sort of Bay Watch scene.


He says  ” This one is actually solid, and inspiring”  

(yes he actually said inspiring…)

Rating: 4.5 

So there you have it, want a good burger- go to Surfer’s Paradise!

However does it ‘Beat that burger?’



The search continues…

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