Sunday Brunching at Ben’s Canteen- *Bloody Mary Review*

On the first summer weekend of the year there is only one thing we all Londoners do; go to the park and drink.

Sure enough there I was prosecco in a paper cup, soaking up the sun, surrounded by drunk Londoners.


The next morning we were feeling a little ropey so off we went to find a coffee. We stumbled across Ben’s Canteen ..again. (previously there for Gin and Burgers) 

We were greeted by the lovely Anju who was very very happy indeed. He handed us our menus and settled us on one of those communal benches outside.

Staring at the menu:

“We would like a coff…”

O what’s this- a FREE Bloody Mary when you Instagram!

I nearly orgasmed.

Bring on the Free Bloodys!



Taste 4/5 – A ‘unique house spice mix” the menu says, and it’s not lying- it was delicious!

Sweat Test 5/5 Hot! Loved it- especially after our prosecco in the park session.

Glass 5/5 As you know… I am a sucker for a jar.

Presentation 3/5  Though there are some great ingredients in there, presentation could be a bit neater or something a bit more ‘WOW’

Garnish 3/5 –  Nothing offensive. I love the pepper corn on the lemon. The celery could  look a bit more manly.

Bonus 1–  Anju was probably the happiest waiter I have ever had. He has recovered my first experience of Ben’s( + more!) Go Anju!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.07.38

Overall  21/25 Cool, fun brunch place, great service and a tasty Bloody Mary. I highly recommend it.


They also maker a killer avocado dish


…nom nom nom.



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