A Pub Lunch, A ‘Meh’ Bloody Mary and One of the Best Pimm’s Ever….

I’m alive!

Sorry it’s been awhile-

In the last week I’ve been in Cornwall house sitting whilst my Mum was away in the Caribbean. I was looking forward to my time on the sunny coast…

but I got this instead:


Mum kindly sent me an snap shot of her settings.



Bitterly I returned to London piss pale.  Disappointed in this countries excuse for a summer, there is only one way to deal with it, a pub lunch

We ended up at a corner pub in Fulham, The Kings Arms. It’s a large comfortable space, very quiet and most importantly a good back drop for my Bloody Mary.


Taste 3/5 Satisfying, hot, tasted ok…

Sweat Test 4/5 we requested spicy and she delivered

Glass 2/5 small and dull

Presentation 2/5 I like the black pepper sprinkle and the slice of lemon but not much else going on.

Garnish 2/5 –  she did apologise there was no celery…but as you can see very naked.

Bonus 1- Nice service, I also haven’t had one of these in awhile so It was appriciated.

14/25 – Not the best BM unfortunately.

Food was good, nothing to shout about but reasonable so can’t complain. I had my chicken Caesar salad Chris opted for the burger.


It was good enough but didn’t beat that burger still.  Apparently he doesn’t like onion rings. This led to the discussion that he also doesn’t like red onions and maybe not even the white onions. We concluded that he didn’t really like any onion.



Anyway as you can read, everything is all a little…meh. I needed something to get excited about.

As the sun started to slightly shine outside, It came to me like a giant light bulb.

What about a Pimm’s?

Enter one the best Pimm’s ever…


Fruit/garnish: 5/5 mint, cucumber, raspberries all very fresh and summery. Yay!

Glass: 4/5 love the wine glass- very classy

Strength: 5/5 not weak, good balance. Well done Kings Arms.

14/15 I recommend this cup, they have a little outdoors area to enjoy it in also.

Never thought I would have to leave Cornwall to find the Summer that’s for sure!


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