Hanging In The Dairy

I felt shame as I struggled to put my outfit on Sunday morning. How can I possibly be able to eat and drink anything more after the past few days? I hopped on the food and booze train Thursday evening and it hasn’t stopped.

However I was meeting Farrah, and there are two people in life,

the ones who are not worth the calories

and the ones you would eat a horse for.

Farrah is the latter.


The Dairy was the spot to meet- it’s one of those ‘must go to’ in the Clapham Common area. It has that rustic vibe, exposed brick and quality, home grown food.

You know how much our generation laps up that sort of thing.

I arrived, Farrah had got our table sat out on the pavement. She was in some sort of half foetal position on her chair.

“Hows it going Farrah?”

Turns out she had also been on the booze train.

She decided to get off it.

I, however…


Taste 4.5/5 Very VERY tasty

Sweat Test 4/5 Hot enough for the job

Glass 5/5 Classy classy crystal

Presentation 5/5 Look at the photo- do I need to say more? Beautiful!

Garnish 4/5 Olive!! Cucumber!! Lemon!!

Bonus  1 Out of the pavement, great people watching, surrounded by the pretty people of Clapham

23.5/25 The Dairy is like that annoying girl in the class, who always looks great whatever she does.

Now the food.

Farrah  insisted she was only going to have granola and yogurt

“That’s all I can eat… I swear! My body hates me!”

But after some persuasion….


…Fried Cacklebean egg, BBQ beef cheek, hispi, crispy potato.

O so so good- not your standard brunch that’s for sure. _MG_6979

I felt back to normal after that…

Farrah was still struggling.



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