A Foodie Friends Finale At Duck & Waffle


So…I’m moving to Australia.

I have a couple of weeks left as a Londoner and I’m spending it saying goodbye to loved ones. I am also trying to tick off the rest of my London bucket list.One of my wishes was dinner at  Duck and Waffle. 

Farrah being a special friend, managed to sort us a table for our last supper.

So the next thing I knew I was riding the elevator to the top of the town. Farrah was sat with a glass of champagne in hand and The Gherkin staring up at us.It couldn’t be more perfect.


Now before I go on, I need to explain my background with Farrah. We met a couple of years ago and instantly bonded over our passion for the foodie scene. Our relationship has been ran on a theme of “I’ll show you mind if you show me yours.” For example- I invited her to The Langham for afternoon tea, whilst she introduced me to the goddess of country pubs, The Pointers Brill.


That’s why it’s so appropriate to be at one of the most talk-about restaurants in town for our finale

We began with a couple of small plates (WARNING FOOD PORN!)



Tenderstem broccoli- Caesar dressing, poached hen’s egg, bread crumbs, Parmesan & hazelnuts.



‘nduja seared octopus- whipped yellow lentils, fennel, green sauce

Oops how can we go on without some rose…


Farrah taking a nap_MG_7132

Right let’s go on…

Not just a doughnut…


This is a Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut…this was crazy weird but mind blowingly good._MG_7138

And now you can’t do Duck and Waffle without actually having the signature. It’s like when people go to Pizza Hut and order salad. (Just on a higher scale…)



A crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup. Again crazy combination but trust me it’s bloomin’ tasty.


The sun set around us as we swallowed the last of our waffle.It was one of the best foodie experiences I have had – what a perfect note to end on.


Thank you Farrah 🙂

Duck and Waffle is open 24/7 (yes so you can turn up at 4am), even if you go up for a cocktail to see the amazing view..it’s a must do in London. 


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