A Giant White Bird and A Giant Gin List…London Welcomes The Trading House!

You see people walk, storm, slowly ponder (tourists) even run but one would never gallop around the city. Until now. This is the moment I was just about to sip on a raspberry bellini  in a carriage being pulled by two fine horses. We were on our way to the latest cocktail/pub/restaurant bar in london The Trading …

Summer Has Just Got Hot….The Caribbean Is Coming To London

I was nine when I was being swept in a swimming pool rapid, past the bar serving rum cocktails in Puerto Rico. At eleven I was watching fire-eating men with a backdrop of the sun setting over St Lucia beach. MAN Holidays are wasted on the young.  As much as my parents love me, it's a …

I Ate The Whole Of Pret a Manger- The Healthiest Blog I Will Ever Write.

Our generation is all about keeping the number of twitter followers high and your lbs low. There a load of bloggers out there who kill two birds with one stone by doing popular health blogs.  Problem is I accidentally write a drinking blog and you are probably going to see me bath in a tub of bloody …

*Bloody Mary Review* – Playing it Professional (and failing) at the Hippodrome.

I was dragged kicking and screaming to the Heliot Steak House for a Pommery Champagne pairing meal. Yeh right. For those who don’t know the Heliot Steak House is based on the balcony of the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square. It was a Wednesday evening and I went along with a group of lovely girls …


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