The Egg White Omelette

Ah. The annoying egg white omelette craze.   Mary Lou’s Recipe (110 cal) 6 tablespoons of Two Chicks Egg Whites/ two egg whites (Sainsburys, Ocardo, All Nature Intended) 1 medium tomato 20-50g spinach 0.25 tbs raw virgin coconut oil thyme, rosemary, pepper, chilli flakes and salt for seasoning. What to do Heat a small, smooth frying pan with …

London Living: lesson #1

When buying your favourite Gazpacho soup from Waitrose Don’t bulk buy. you have to walk. The people of Belgravia do not appreciate smashed spanish soup outside of their homes.

That Bloody Mary

Been there. Drank that. Spilt it on the t-shirt.

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