Trying To Fit In With The Flat White Crowd- Mary’s soberness continues.

Dry January has officially ended for the country. However I still have two weeks left of soberness (see previous blog) and I can only describe it like playing a game with a group of people, thinking they are all having fun and then rapidly seeing them leave one by one "John?" "Amy?" "...gran?" Nobody replies and …

Gin To Gym-My Highlights of A Sober Month

What possibly could a drink blogger have to write about during dry January? Not drinking- that's what. Yes it's been awhile since I have reviewed my bloody's. (And for anyone waiting on the tenterhooks of the next place to find your hangover cure..I am sorry but you are going to have to wait) The last …

That Bloody Mary

Been there. Drank that. Spilt it on the t-shirt.

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