Euros…That Sinking Feeling.

  The odds were stacked against me this weekend when I left the office on Friday evening . A couple of guys were swinging their laptops over their heads like football scarves, blasting "Three Lions". Now Saturday night, Titanic is on C4,  yet the only 'Rose' Is Danny Rose. My plan has failed.... After an …

Pigging Out At The Pointer

Cursing amatuer tube riders on the Baker Loo line is how my adventure started. It  was a Saturday and thank the lord there was an excuse to get out of the sweaty,  London mug. I was on my way to  The Pointer - a family run  farm, country pub and butcher in Buckinghamshire. We arrived …

That Bloody Mary

Been there. Drank that. Spilt it on the t-shirt.

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