Gins & A Burger, Ben’s Canteen.

"I fancy a burger" This is not a surprise,  he always fancies a burger, Never the less it gave us the foundation for a Saturday night plan. Once upon a time Chris had a burger at The Duchy Arms (our old work place and home) he hasn't been able to find a better burger since...and …

OI LONDON! I have finally had an HONEST BURGER.

It was midday on Saturday and Heston, Nigella and Nigel had all kindly showed me how cook a turkey as I lay in the dark with a banging head.  Nigella looked so fresh as she stuffed her meat. I wish I was Nigella. Dan walks in with a disapproved look (partly because my room was …

That Bloody Mary

Been there. Drank that. Spilt it on the t-shirt.

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