We Don’t Need The Breakfast Club- #StopQueing 

"I'm not queing... I refuse. I'm losing my dignity just looking at them all" Sunday morning and our ambitious plan of a Bloody Mary in the Breakfast Club was rapidly being destroyed by my stubbornness. "Who the hell queues for eggs!?" Sheep, that's who. So our issue remained unsolved - Chris,  Jess and I had …

Summer Cup-It’s Back! The Lost Angel, Battersea Sunday Session 

In the summer of 2014 I spent my time reviewing Pimms, and what a good year it was. I parted the rip offs to the finest, taste the freshest fruit and was dazzled by garnishes of mint. In 2015 that passion took a back seat , however on Sunday something happened which awoke my desire …

That Bloody Mary

Been there. Drank that. Spilt it on the t-shirt.

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