The Egg White Omelette

Ah. The annoying egg white omelette craze. 

 Mary Lou’s Recipe (110 cal)

  • 6 tablespoons of Two Chicks Egg Whites/ two egg whites (Sainsburys, Ocardo, All Nature Intended)
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 20-50g spinach
  • 0.25 tbs raw virgin coconut oil
  • thyme, rosemary, pepper, chilli flakes and salt for seasoning.

What to do

  • Heat a small, smooth frying pan with coconut oil on medium heat
  • Mix egg whites, seasoning and a couple of spinach leaves in mug
  • Pour mixture into the pan
  • Put the rest of the spinach in the microwave/steamer or just have it raw
  • Once the omelette is not running (may need to fold it) throw it on the plate with the tomato and season as much as you like.
  • (Tip: if you want to cut out the oil you can microwave the recipe for 2 mins)

I also have mine with fresh hot/cold lemon water, Berocca and a Pukka cleansing green tea.

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