We Shape London and FRUIT DE LA MER!

It was a warm summers day in London town and I had executed the mission: ‘ladies who lunch’ with Dad’s BAE before heading over to an evening art exhibition “We shape”. A show which celebrates the art with the theme “We Shape” allowing artists to express themselves about London. I heard there was free drink..

Before we get arty  ‘ladies who lunch’ mission needed to be completed. We were ‘feeling fish’ and where else better to go than by the river at the Wright Brothers, Borough Market. I have craved ‘fruit de la mer’ since  Jess and I ran after Jude in Henley drunkenly screaming “fruit de la mer! fruit de la mere!’ but as the winter cold came in the last thing you want to do is to suck on some ice-cold sea shells.

But sun is out so there we were at the bar facing into the kitchen with a glass of prosecco and fruit de le mer served to us by a cool lady with all these hippie bracelets on.


Just look at this party of shells.

With this party I had a party for two: Me and the bloody mary oyster shot…


This is a beautiful idea. When I am rich these will be served on my boat everyday. By a butler. who will be naked.

Dad’s BAE persuaded me to have the Dover Sole on the bone for main.


I was scared- I do not de-bone fish gracefully. It’s a downfall of mine but she promised to teach me. When it arrived she took charge and showed me step by step the art of de-boning a fish…

 With each slide of my knife I felt my marriage material points going up a notch.

Now no ladies lunch mission is complete without… da da da da dessert.

SONY DSCMission complete. Onto Brick Lane (baby) ….

I haven’t been here since I was a student and I was bowling in All Stars, We went there for a couple (a lot) of cocktails and then stumbled around a vintage market where I brought these bad boys… £6.. summer is set.


Now it was time for the art show, another reason this city is so great is how open people can be and the free drink to celebrate it with.


The show was alive with interesting art work surrounded by cool, east london types. One I particularly fancied was Lines by Jady Ong, when I am rich on my boat with my naked butler I would have this displayed. I have looked at her work since and loving her style.


Had a great time, with some slight flash backs of slurring to some wonderful people. Sorry for that.

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