MSN, SNAP CHAT and TINDER. The modern way of seduction.

In my day (when i was fifteen) we used to watch two men with no legs spin round each other until we sign in and then we could talk for free on our windows.


This was MSN Messenger, it was our generation that had first hand experience of what it was like to be the height of hormones and a face of metal but able to have a conversation with the opposite sex.


As I went to an all girl school I remember MSN being a vital part of my day to ask a boy:

how r u?

to which he replys

gd u?

gd. thx

Sometimes if i get lucky, i would end up counselling one or two of them on their crush they had on my friend…(who didn’t have braces and was probably too busy for MSN as she was at a party of someone with a double barrel name)

One exciting element was when the webcam got introduced. (I had a 360, face recognition one #winning)

when someone had a webcam (basic or my premium one) It would show underneath the profile picture to the right. And this is how the conversation would go:

(boy spots webcam)

boy: hi 

girl: hello

boy: how r u?

girl: gd thnx. u?

boy: gd.


…..request to turn on webcam. yes or no?

It got to the point when you got to know what boy wanted to just perve on you in his bedroom with the naked kelly brooke poster behind him, so when you saw his name sign in you quickly had to press the “hide webcam button” to which the conversation would go:

boy: hey where did your webcam go?

girl: it broke.

boy: g2g

But that was the old days, now the young generation don’t even have to sit at a computer.

There are various ways we are finding to talk to each other without actually physically seeing or hearing one another  One in particular (that I have now become a fan of) is Snap Chat.


What the hell is Snap Chat? well it is what it says on the tin: snaps (3-10 seconds long) of a photo or message with a line of chat until it more or less disappears to the virtual world.

I must admit I am on it and it’s great fun, that is, if you are not in public taking 50 attempts of a selfie just because someone has asked you how your day is going.

In my point of view this is a more male friendly app for three reasons:

  1. men prefer not to talk so much as girls and with limited words to each picture this is perfect.
  2. Men don’t care as much how they look. However, women prepare for their 10 seconds to portray their ultra cool fun packed life and how sexy they look living it.
  3. As you can imagine with the pure nature of the “disappearing” shots. Just like the generation before with webcams boys are trying their luck to see a girls bare rack.

Apparently this fast one has been pulled:

“dick for tits?”


10 second flash of a penis…honey this is no rain forrest.

Ok, what if you haven’t got as far as to meeting anyone yet? The answer now is Tinder.

Everyone who is single has heard of Tinder.


The idea is people of a certain distance will pop up and based on their photos  you can give them a cross or tick depending on their looks. If you both tick each other then you can start talking.

This is a way people of our generation look for love or sex, but surely this can’t be doing any good for human evolution? I believe they are making men..un-manly. They used to have to go outside (or to Weatherspoons) and hunt, fight, ask the father, date, seduce all to get the lady they like.

Today they don’t even have to move from the sofa, in fact they are probably doing all of that work while half time is on and Gary linker is yapping on in the background. (still hating on football)

What would have happened if  Mr Darcy used Tinder?

Would Romeo have found someone with bigger jugs then Juliet who was only 15k away and didn’t have the family baggage?

I may be reading into it too deeply but are apps playing too big of a role in human mating? Soon there will come a day, a mans will meet a women over the tinder App, then seduce her by ordering a midnight chocolate cake off the Just eat App followed by a snap chat of his penis..

#sad times for romance

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