*BLOODY MARY REVIEW* Bar Du Vin, Bromley

An applaudable attempt by my Dad for making me seem important.



It was my Granny’s 84th birthday and we all went to surprise her in a Bromley restaurant named Ferrari’s Italian.

As all family events go, the wine was flowing throughout, I was catching up with my cousins (easy on my dad’s side when there is only four of them unlike mum’s, which due to catholic shenanigans it’s hitting about 20+ mark..)


Anyway after the meal we went over the road to a wine, piano bar named: Bar Du Vin.  (www.barduvin.co.uk)

Dad grabbed me by the shoulders and walked me to the bar with his sister ,Auntie Jenny accomping him.

My daughter is an official Bloody Mary reviewer and she is here for her Bloody Mary”

but Dad I’m not….

I will be having one too, as a second judge” chipped in Auntie Jenny.


Dad has grown his hair and now  thinks he Al Pacino, unfortunalty the bartender thought so as well.  Before I knew it, the manager was under the illusion there was some sort of “Michael Winner type” Bloody Mary critic in the bar.

so I guess I will be having my second Bloody Mary of the season…


Food content 6

Good height celery, but nothing else.

tomato juice/vodka 9.5

I thought the ratio was pretty spot on, I really enjoyed the taste

spice 7.5

It was mild which if It was a sunday morning It wouldn’t satisfy my needs. I didn’t break a sweat but in all fairness on top of a three course meal, prosecco and white wine I didn’t need to.

glass 8

great glass right size, nice indents and suited the Bromley area.

presentation 6

No stick to stir and only celery and two black straws to decorate my Mary.

Overall 7

The flavoring was great for the time of day. Good Mixologist, it was cool and fresh and could almost be drank in the summer. However creativity wasn’t there.


What did my second judge Auntie Jenny think…

She looked at it and stated:

“I don’t like tomato juice.”

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