The Girls From A Catholic School Bubble…

I have left Catholic boarding school in Oxford with two things in life:

1. A repeated debate of why I have ended up with a film production degree which ends in “money can’t buy brains.”

2. My matching blonde friends for life : Hermione and Harry Amy


It was Amy’s birthday and we had arranged to go back to homeland Oxford for a sophisticated meal and cocktails at Malmaison. We all know the town well from going out in our teenage years.  In those days we were clubbing in The Bridge (a horrible club where your feet stick to the floor) or Camera (another horrible club)

but now we feel far too old for those places as it’s filled with 18 year olds getting their kicks in the middle of the dance floor..we have all been there.

Amy made matters worse by hobbling on a crutch. She recently had an accident playing netball. serves her right, nobody should be playing netball at our age.  I just get flash backs of angry, bumpy-pumpy P.E. teachers screaming “STOP MOVING WITH THE BALL!’ (a sport that insists you have to stand still…is not a sport.)

The best part of meeting with Amy and Hermione is having other people in the world that can relate to one major life issue. The fact that you have spent the last five years slowly realising that our little bubble of a school failed to mention anything about the real world.


Yes every day we went into this gated area with woods, swings to get our education, looking back it made us act out in the most peculiar ways

like this…


Electing “Patricians” especially  ’Green Girl’- the girl who is in charge of keeping the school ‘green’


(Hermione’s share your car campaign)


“dress up theme week” was just a bit odd as well…


Despite us complaining all those years about the ‘school food’ the perfectly arranged salad bar, hot fish and chips with strawberry cheesecake dessert and the cup of tea trolly now doesn’t seem so bad….

Anyway, now we have all gone our own ways but the list above has given us a bubble bond for life.


 Our nice grown up meal with cocktails, wine (and shots)  ended with us making Amy hobble to O’Neill’s with Hermione yelling:

“Hurry up you’re embarrassing me!”

We later found out that the crutch made a great dancing stick…(perhaps we haven’t grown up after all)


To note: She may not be blonde but we also do have another bubble bonded friend- susie who has moved back to america. 

to note to note: I have to mention her  as it will be considered a major offence in our little bubbled world.  


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