Top 10 Restaurant Dishes In Mary Lou’s Life


Introducing ‘cards I have collected from restaurants if I am sober enough to remember board’  After 23 years and 6 months I have decided to write my favourite dishes of all times, from restaurants.. (of course mum, Mark Hix has nothing on you)

1. Porterhouse (for three) , Keens Steakhouse, NYC

IMG_1131If eating steak makes you man then  pass me those boxers and call me Mark! This was the most tender meats I have ever tasted and they have all the sides, including creamed spinach. My favourite.

Story Behind: I have gone to Keens since I was like 10. This was our pre-flight meal…yes they probably could have charged extra baggage for carrying a cow in my stomach. Jess had nearly just chucked up in the dressing room of Victoria Secret 20 mins from the worse hangover in her life.

2. Crispy Duck,TAO,NYC


If I have to choose one take away it will always be Chinese, I don’t have many though as South London’s Chinese, well …don’t fancy eating the duck’s butt. So when I am in NYC I always have to go to TAO for a Chinese fix. The skin is what stands out – it brings a whole new meaning to ‘crispy’ duck

Story behind: First time I went to TAO I was an awkward 16-year-old with my 16-year-old boyfriend at the time, both under 5’6 and I was getting the duck stuck in my braces…


Anyway been going back since.

3. Sea Bass, Salty’s, Isle Of Wight


Salty’s is one of the best fish and chips restaurants ever…they have Her and His fish and chips. I however opted for the sea bass, nothing beats fish when by a seaside restaurant, can almost hear it’s fish family crying. Anyway Prince Harry and William have gone here so if it’s good enough for them..

Story behind: Salty’s has been a family favourite for a long time, we would travel by boat and have the longest ‘drunch’ there.

O there is also a blackboard in the toilets!

4. soufflé starter, Langans Brassarie, London


 I know I keep going on about this on but I love it..

Story Behind: first time I went to Langan’s was just mum and I on a Sunday afternoon. A woman was hysterically crying whilst she sat with a group of friends. We spent the whole time trying to make up stories why. since Mum and I have made it our place to go, Dad as a media man claims Langan’s  ‘is his place’…it’s not.

5. Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream, The Sportsman, Whitstable, Kent


When it comes to chocolate desert you go hard or go home add salted caramel and the rest is history.  The Sportsman put this in front of me in an eight courses tasting menu and my chocolate bar has been raised since. It was creamy, rich and pretty much melted in your mouth. (Sorry if you are now going want to eat chocolate)

Story behind: This was the first week of my internship and they took us here for a ‘motivation day’. I planned to take it easy  but wine was flowing and let’s say plastic cups and left over wine accompanied me and my new friend Farrah on the coach trip home.

6. Roast Chicken, Tramshed, London


I love this  roast chicken sharing style in restaurants but one of the originals is Mark Hix’s and I love it in the Tramshed. They get it just right with the seasoning and if I was a dead chicken, I would prefer to be a tasty hipster dead chicken any day.

story behind: First time I had this was for a 21st birthday present from my Big Bro Joe, he had booked it months in advance and we had a messy one which ended up to singing ‘We are Young’ by F.U.N in the kitchen.

7. Truffle Ravioli starter,  Todd English, Queen Victoria 


I don’t have a photo of this dish as I ate it before the days you used to eat food without photographing it. (can you imagine…?!) So here is a photo of my Dad with wine silhouette instead. I would never order a pasta dish now but I still remember how this starter tasted with all the lovely truffle.

Story Behind: I was being a right dick. We were sailing around Europe of the Queen Victoria and I was being an awkward 15-year-old  because i had no signal to text my friends.. now if someone takes me back I will fully appreciate it…anyone?!

8. Prawn Cocktail American Style, USA and JW Steakhouse




This particular prawn cocktail style is one of my favourite starters. They use a spicy tomato based sauce and the biggest, juiciest prawns ever….when they are on ice it’s incredible.

Back story: I can’t find this starter anywhere in the UK apart from JW Steakhouse!! I even attempted to make it myself at a dinner party but the prawns are too small. In this case, size matters.  Anyone knows, please email me?

9.The Honest, Honest Burger, Brixton


Ok not a burger eater but I would treat myself to an Honest –  if you are going to eat a burger eat this one. The rosemary fries are some of the best I have tasted as well.

back story- Read this

10. Pimm’s demolition, Porthminster Cafe, St Ives


Another one I bang on about,  but anyone who takes the flavour of Pimm’s and makes it into this  is a hero. I also like it as it’s so light – it’s a perfect summer desert with rose..lots and lots of rose.

Story Behind: The Porthminster Cafe is only a couple of minuets walk from my mum’s home in St Ives so we always have a sneaky stroll down there when I visit. Click here to see their Pimm’s rating ‘drink off’ last year

If you have got to the bottom of this page without thinking...’I don’t care what your favourite dishes are!’

Then Thank You.

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