Catch Of The Week At Fish Market Is Chocolate!

I visited Fish Market once before for my birthday meal, we spent the dinner wrapped in blankets, surrounded by candles sharing a fish platter.




And pulling faces.



Since that evening I wanted to return.  It just so happens this perfect little hide away in Liverpool Street has had a stroke of genius, they have teamed up with Doisy & Dam to produce a limited edition chocolate pudding to celebrate a very worthy cause that is #ChocolateWeek.

I treated myself to a Tuesday evening dinner date.

However, to get to Fish Market we had battled through Central London’s rush hour, delayed buses and a nice stroll from Oxford Circus to Holborn.

When I say ‘nice stroll’ I actually mean  me cursing at my red heels as they get stuck in the pavement cracks and Chris equally cursing that he couldn’t find a fresh top in time  because every t-shirt on the high street has holes and straps.

This meant he was still wearing his all black jersey for the third day running.

It was fair to say that by the time we got to the restaurant we were more than ready for our meal.

If you are looking for Nemo…you will probably find him on the The Fish Market menu... you can choose from sharing Fruits de la Mer, whole lobster, a range of market fillets, fish and chips and meat options if you go to Fish Market and want…cow.

Chris trying to choose whilst he wore his third day running jersey.



I believe the only way to start a fish meal is with a pint…. of prawns.


Then to follow warming fish soup, a perfect  autumn number and Crayfish Scotch egg, seaweed mayonnaise.


Wow- a  twist on an English classic- I actually prefer it to having the old pig hug.

We  sat indoors this time as the waitress did remind us we were in England, past 8pm in October -things get cold. Indoors was buzzing and the ladies next to us were dealing with the fact one of them had been snubbed off for being a bridesmaid… I felt bad for her but I think she was over thinking it.

Mains,,, I ordered baked cod, wilted baby spinach, cockle & parsley broth, A great portion, baked with a delicious flavour.


Mushy peas were not even questioned of course. cod and peas can’t go wrong.

And in front of a third day running rugby shirt…


Smoked haddock fishcake, wilted baby spinach,  with a beautiful, warm runny poached egg (ahh photogenic eggy-ness)


We were feeling pretty stuffed perhaps we couldn’t even fit in the chocolate dessert.

Perhaps not.

*1- *1-1204 *1-1205

Hello Heaven.

They describe it  as an ultimate gooey-centred melt in the mouth chocolate fondant and they are not lying. The best factor is Doisy & Dom chocolate is what we like to call a ‘super food chocolate’ so there is none of this Cadbury chemicals! delicious and healthy…ish! Smashing!

Head Chef Barry MacMillan did magic by accompanying the dark rich chocolate with fresh vanilla cream and light short bread…

It was like a tattooed man with a cute dog it balances out not too sweet and not too hard.


Fish Market has certainly made their mark on chocolate week and if this is only around for a week I think you may have to  try it. Otherwise go for a crisp autumn lunch; wrap up in blankets, share a fruit de la mer and pretend the sea is near.

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