A Real Bloody Tale Of The Pumpkin

It started with an office email alerting us of the annual pumpkin carving competition, the prize… two free west end tickets!

They were giving out the pumpkins at 11am. I couldn’t risk not having the best pick, So I tracked down the competition  manager.

Before my colleagues even had a chance,  I had the most perfectly round pumpkin in the pile, it  had to be the winner.

For the next few days I researched my design with photos and  how tos. Until Sunday evening arrived… coincidently Chris also had the same competition in his office but his prize was £50.

We both agreed more tools were in order, so we invested for the sharpest knifes (in our budget) we could find.

There we were laughing away as we plot our free West End night and £50 bar tab.

The designs were set; Chris was going for a face

I was being different and went for the moon.

But as I sketched my moon…

“AHH Don’t look!!” Chris yelped.

He had sliced his thumb attempting to carve the lid..and now our studio flat looked like a scene out of Saw.

Unfortunately Chris apparently isn’t good with blood, soon he went white and dizzy until he eventually fainted on the floor.

Well this isn’t going to win us tickets.. I thought as I dragged him onto the bed. I gave him a tissue as a bandage and carried on with my moon.

It wasn’t long till I remembered that I’m not very good at carving pumpkins. In fact as I watched the moon’s eye fall off I realised it  wasn’t going to plan.

Chris was still slumped on the bed looking like a ghost. I took the opportunity and started on his pumpkin

Yes a face that should be simple.

But as I watched the whole face fall off my dreams of the West End died.

“Why don’t you use the pen knife” Chris whispered as he held onto his bloody  thumb.

“Great idea!”

Not a great idea.

Two men down we had to call it a night.

The Day Of The Competition

“The moon can be saved!” I announced when I woke up

“I really don’t think you should take it in” Chris replied.

However, I had a brain wave ; all I need was a bit of Lego.So with help from Hamley’s I smugly placed two Lego space men on my moon

…this is has to win.

2 hours later Chris texted me

In fact as I looked at the row of entries,it dawned on me that I may have underestimated people’s carving skills

And the winner

It only took her 10 minuets…

So no West End tickets, Just two dodgy pumpkins

And a sliced thumb

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