Gin To Gym-My Highlights of A Sober Month

What possibly could a drink blogger have to write about during dry January?

Not drinking- that’s what. Yes it’s been awhile since I have reviewed my bloody’s. (And for anyone waiting on the tenterhooks of the next place to find your hangover cure..I am sorry but you are going to have to wait)

The last night I had a drink was on NYE’s, it was the fancy dress  St Ives street party. We decided to go as our elderly alter-egos


Meet Boris and Doris.


How else to have the final sips of gin then out of a can dancing with walking sticks on St Ives’ wharf…

unnamed-4Now January begins and we have made a promise:

swap our gin for the gym, stand on scales not at bars and counting calories not shots – all this till the 19th February…why then? It’s the day we go to…New Zealand! (Which I will be back on my bloody’s)

Until then we are that annoying couple and lose all our friends by saying things like

“sorry guys, can’t go to the pub…got to work out, y’know”

But hey we have money and abs and that’s what life is about.

So 4 weeks into my 7 weeks detox– how am I feeling? 

Well I am not looking like Gi Gi Hadid which I am extremely disappointed about

 (still 3 weeks left!)

On the plus side,  It’s amazing how much time I now have to do…stuff.

Here are my highlights of January so far:

  1. After a year in our flat we finally got a remote control. Now we don’t have to constantly stand by the telly like we were in the 1950s or something.unnamed-5
  2. Finally gave the five bin bags of old clothes away that have been sat in my cupboard since the summer.
  3. We put a bag of coins into a coin machine and got money off our shopping. It was actually quite satisfying…
  4. On the note of shopping, we now bring shopping bags with us.
  5. I untangled all my necklaces one Saturday night..unnamed-6
  6. O and bought £50s worth of bras because I haven’t spent the £50 on wine…


I think we have actually turned into Boris and Doris



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