Taste Of London (with my mum)

A year supply of Lindt and a drive back in an Aston Martin (on my mum’s lap) 


It was a mother daughter day out at the taste of London. We were running late and only had three hours to use up all our vouchers.

I had two stands I really wanted to see:

The Fresh Lemonade Company, who I met at the St Ives food festivals (they make the best pinky fresh cocktails)


A lady has invented a champagne  which has no sugar but tastes just as good as normal champagne. Hmm..surely not?!

Anyway after an hour and a few cocktails later I saw above the heads of people  the sign: Skinny Champagne. I grabbed my mother’s hand and ran over we met the lovely Amanda (the goddess to us all) and tried a glass of her rose champage, the rumour was true- it tastes beautiful (even without the sugar!!!)


After a couple of glasses we decided to move on and to find the fresh  lemonade company on the way I bumped into this place:


Well in honour of that bloody mary, I had to have one. (review to come)


We finally found The Fresh Lemonade company  I had the lush cherry Bakewell with Tom the founder- which will keep me going till the next time I hunt them down! Poor Tom.


Mum and I were having so much fun (and as you can imagine were slightly pissed) we didn’t realise the festival had actually closed. We ran round asking if anyone would take our final tokens.

Some South Africans with a wine stand sneaked us in and served us a bottle of rose in exchange for our last vouchers.


We met a nice Brazilian couple who was telling us how they did a “couple’s run” this morning round the park, i downed my wine in guilt and decided to take a stroll to the bathroom.

On the way back I found the Lindt store were giving away their stock.

I started grabbing every Lindt product I could see; the bars, the boxes and my favorite the little red balls which were being stuffed down my bra,  I ran back to the wine bar with chocolate balls falling out of my dress.

The security had come round a few times and were at the end of their tether so we had to find our way out, we agreed to meet our new vino friends at a  pub called “The Cow” near Marylebone.

So next thing we knew we were sat at “The Cow” eating a pint of prawns with the south africans and Brazilians and bags of Lindt surrounding us. I got slightly bored and wandered to the bar and started talking to a nice man from Newcastle who said I looked like a famous actress but he couldn’t remember which one.


I reminded him it was probably Pamela Anderson.

Mum was jumping around behind me with the South Africans yelling out

“we should go to the Dorchester!”

Some how I didn’t think they would appreciate  two blondes, a group of south africans and a Brazilian couple (one who was now asleep) and all of us not being able to afford anything.


it was probably a good time to call it a night.

The nice man at the bar offered to drive me home but I insisted he needed to take my mum as well. So off we went  to his car which just happened to be an Aston Martin I sat on my mummy’s lap and the nice gentleman from newcastle drove us home.

Today I am suffering- but what should have I expected from a mother daughter day out?

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