I Ate The Whole Of Pret a Manger- The Healthiest Blog I Will Ever Write.

Our generation is all about keeping the number of twitter followers high and your lbs low. There a load of bloggers out there who kill two birds with one stone by doing popular health blogs.  Problem is I accidentally write a drinking blog and you are probably going to see me bath in a tub of bloody mary before I give you a recipe quinoa. However, we all have to think about the wings and trunk so when pacing around the city I do have my go-to ‘fast food’ places.One of those is Pret a Manger I will always have their boiled eggs with spinach in the morning with a black coffee. For lunch I go for the tuna, egg salad which is around 180cal (without dressing) which is equal to a bloody mary garnished with a boiled egg.

On Saturday my Pret world opened a bit more. Fellow blogger and friend Farrah invited me along to an About Time Magazine masterclass which included a chance to try the new Pret A Manger spring menu before it hits shops this week.


We walked into a room filled with Pret goodies, there was enough juices to make a rainbow and pastries to make a bed with. We obviously went for the trendy magical green juice. It tasted like  Rosie Huntington Whiteley and for a few seconds I generally thought I was her.

SONY DSC                              SONY DSC

I dabbled in the coconut yogurt which to my surprise is  dairy free and purely made from coconut…it was so creamy..and nothing screams fashion then dairy free.


Then class began and the lovely Rebecca and Angelica taught us some tricks and tips they have learnt whilst running About Time Magazine. We were given a task to come up with some ideas for magazine titles with each other. It’s a brilliant way to get to know bloggers and journalists from all backgrounds. Including….@SheepaMiah who bakes cake, @LoPurnell a fabulous food artist and the lovely fashion blogger @ABlushofRose


Lunch time was made apparent with the pret team walking in with trays and trays of their news salads which we pounced to eat..SONY DSC

after everyone had got their photos of course…


I tried the noodles, shredded veggies with chicken thigh (all.about.the.thigh) and kimchi  (a trendy cabbage, a rising star on Instagram I am sure). Loved this salad, very fresh and filling…I could see myself having this in Hyde Park watching the ducks or tourists. I also wanted to try some kale chips. I always make kale at home but these were gorgeous and puts Gary Lineker to shame.

mc-10      SONY DSC

The best discovery was the cucumber sparkling water; yes it’s healthy, rehydrating and summery but also beautiful a component with my Hendricks. (what? I said it was a drinking blog) 

There were also quinoa and lentil base salad with baby kale and salmon, great portion of salmon, tasted so fresh but too much quinoa for me.


There is also a vegetarian’s dream salad. Quinoa and lentils, baby kale, beetroot, butternut squash and feta which the veggies tucked into.


After we ate all we could, the Pret boss lady was like: “take what you want home”…so I did.


We finished off the Masterclass with some awesome ideas all feeling motivated, healthy, brainy and bags full of goodies.

Then Farrah and I grabbed some Rose at Balls Brothers…


And that’s what I like to call a balanced diet

Pret A Manger Spring Menu Starts Tuesday 21st in London. Enjoy Londoners…! 

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