Birthday Bloodys From Downton to Made In Chelsea


I had booked a bar/club for all my friends I have accumulated in my early 20s to kick off the birthday weekend. The night started (and ended) with a skull filled with cocktail and a beer hanging out of it. I did ask for prosecco but apparently this beer/vodka skull thing came with a free hat, my brother couldn’t resist.


The next morning was my birthday, Mum had booked Kinky Boots for us. But before I could even think about men doing splits in heels, I was in need of  a hair of the dog. We met in Rules for a pre theatre drink. It’s the oldest restaurant in London and so it’s like you have walked into a Downton Abbey scene. It was time to try the Bloody…

The man in a waist coat asked me how spicy I would like when they ask me, manners matter.

Taste: 4/5 thick, deep not watery quite smokey- deliciously high quality.

Sweat test : 3/5 It was hot…but I could have done with more, not sure how lady like that is though.

Cup: 2/5 Something a bit more exciting..perhaps a crystal tumbler…?

Garnish:3/5 this is a hard one- I would love more garnish, but it doesn’t feel right in a place like Rules- it suited just a classic peeled celery.

Presentation : 2/5 like I said it suits the basic bloody but a nicer glass, perhaps olives? It just needs a bit more excitment.

Bonus Point: 1 I did feel like Mary from Downton not from Didcot for 20 minuets of my life.

Overall 15/25  They need to improve their bloody presentation, I would love it to be the place to go for a BM.  However it did it’s job and I was now ready for Kinky Boots…

Fabulous and hilarious show, I know it’s very bubble gum theatre but it’s worth seeing men that look and dance better in heels than you ever will.

The next day I  woke up again feeling a little wooly after a night of gin at the Ham Yard. Today was Lunch with Dad and his BAE. I don’t know what people are complaining about with separated parents, you get two birthdays and…two coincidental matching birthday cards.

This time I was going west- The Hollywood Arms.

Now in contrast to yesterday, it feels like I was stepping into a Made In Chelsea Scene. Groups of pretty, skinny women wearing those funny cat collars, impeccably dressed men having ‘polite pints’ with one another… even the dog bowls looked instagram-able

It was time to try their Bloody Mary…

Taste: 3/5 refreshing but a little watery

Sweat test : 3/5 good but could do with a bit more heat (maybe my heat stamina has just built over time)

Cup: 4.5/5 Never seen something like this before! Awesome ‘copper’ type mug- very SW10

Garnish:4/5 Love the cucumber and celery- fab- a cherry tomato would also look good.

Presentation : 5/5 looked amazing, loved it!

Bonus Point: 1 great guy serving us, plus I had a sausage dog sat near me.

Overall 20.5/25  Looks amazing, a little stronger taste and it would be perfect.

So what’s better Downton or Chelsea? Well Chelsea wins with presentation but Downton for taste..that’s fair.

Can’t leave this blog without a scotch egg shot.

Strawberry cheese birthday cake to finish

Overall, though I have turned 1/4 century, I could certainly say it was the best birthday I have ever had. 25 here I am.







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